Hello Students! Let's see how to use Teach Easy app.

updated on 25 May 2021

Using Teach Easy, you can directly submit your assignments and other work to your teachers. Teachers then get a very simple and effective tool to check your submissions which helps them in giving clear feedback to you. Using Teach Easy is very simple and straightforward. Let's jump right in...

How to install Teach Easy app?

While there are various ways to install the app, the simplest and fastest way is to click the app link shared by your teacher.


Now that you're here, follow this link of the play store to go to Teach Easy app page and install the app.

Teach Easy on Play Store
Teach Easy on Play Store

How to register on Teach Easy?

Once you've installed the app, enter your mobile number and verify with the OTP (one-time-password) that you'll receive on the above number.

As soon as you'll verify your number, you'll get an option to choose your profile.  Be careful and choose your profile as "Student/Parent".

Select Student/Parent in profile
Select Student/Parent in profile

Please note that it's not possible at the moment to update or edit your profile. So in case you choose an incorrect profile, just reinstall the app and then use another mobile number for verification and then create the correct profile user.

How to join the class?

On successful registration and profile creation, you'll get an option to join a class. Join the class using the class code shared by your teacher.

You can join multiple classes using different class codes shared by various teachers.

How to join a class on Teach Easy?
How to join a class on Teach Easy?

How to submit assignments?

Submitting assignments using Teach Easy is as simple as sending photos using WhatsApp. Once you join a class, you'll get the option to submit your work. You'll see image files stored on your device. Just select the correct files and proceed to submit.

Or you can choose to submit a PDF file as well. Simply choose the file and submit your assignment.

How to submit the assignment?
How to submit the assignment?

You'll also get a chance to edit your submissions if any incorrect files are selected.

In 1-click, the submissions will be sent and submitted to your teacher.

If you've any query or facing any issue, directly reach me out on WhatsApp on +91 9660 927 928. My name is Siddharth Nahar.

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